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Fear Free Certified Practice

We at NOAH are dedicated to providing the best and most compassionate care possible for the animals you love, which is why we are now the ONLY Fear Free certified practice in all of Georgia. You will find many Fear Free certified professionals out there, but our practice, our protocols, our staff, our records and our facility have been inspected top to bottom, and we are very proud to have earned our certification.


What this means is that we not only address your pet’s physical well being, but we also focus on emotional well being.  We work to eliminate fear, stress and anxiety at every veterinary visit, and we also make time to discuss how these may impact your pet at home.  We use individualized methods to make our exams more comfortable such as performing exams on non-slip surfaces on the floor, or on benches. We use appeasing pheromones throughout the hospital and a variety of food bribes and toys.  The biggest difference is that we allow longer appointments, exercise a great degree of patience and never utilize significant restraint to accomplish treatments. Patient comfort is essential to proper healing.

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